from our award-winning kitchen to your table
In 2012, our award-winning Syrian and Lebanese hummus and mezze lit up Seattle. But when the pandemic hit and the restaurant industry shuttered, we wanted to keep our people afloat and spread the levant. Now, our mamnoon fine foods products — crafted fresh and with love in our restaurant kitchens— are carried in over 50 supermarkets across Washington and Oregon.
savor our mezze anywhere
dip into our world
hummus, harra hummus, baba ganoush, labneh, and muhammara that your mama would be proud of
spreading the levant to you
available at over 50 locations in Washington and Oregon
your table just got more colorful
our fresh products and fermented hot sauce are perfect additions to casual lunches or decadent dinners
chef made, mama approved
Let us take your table spread to the next level with our fresh, award-winning mezze. Plus, let's cut out the middleman with our premium restaurant-grade products — our mezze are made in-house and beloved by thousands in Seattle and nationwide.
where to find our products
Harra hummus is now available at manna, all Seattle area PCC markets, Leschi Market, Ken's Market (Queen Anne and Greenwood), Marketime Foods, and select Town & Country Markets!